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How to protect & care for Box Braids and natural hair while sleeping- 2023

how to care for box braids natural hair while sleeping

How to care for Box Braids and natural hair while sleeping

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Box braids are a popular hairstyle that involves dividing the hair into small, square-shaped sections and braiding each section from the root to the tip using extensions or natural hair. The braids are usually created using synthetic hair, but can also be done with human hair. Box braids can be styled in various ways, including ponytails, buns, and half-up hairstyles. They can also be accessorized with beads, cuffs, and other hair jewelry. Box braids are a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that can last for several weeks with proper care. 

Box braids are a popular protective style that can help to protect your natural hair from damage caused by manipulation, weather, and other external factors. Box braids are known as one of the most essential protective styles, and can be quite pricey. It is essential that you protect your investment by maintaining your braids especially while you sleep.



Here are some tips for getting the most out of box braids as a protective style. while you sleep.


Beauty Sleep Satin Bonnet & Pillowcase for hair and skin

satin bonnet for box braids

The Benefits of Using a Satin Pillowcase and Bonnet

A satin pillowcase and bonnet are perfect for keeping your hair hydrated, healthy, and looking fabulous. The smooth surface of these materials creates less tension on the delicate strands when you sleep. This leads to reduced breakage, split ends, and knotting. For those with curly or textured hair specifically, a satin pillowcase can help preserve their curl pattern and reduce frizz. Additionally, it’s gentle on the face while sleeping helping to decrease facial creasing in the delicate under-eye area too! 

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