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About Us


Welcome to HerBeautySuite, House of Beauty & Self-care!


Every woman deserves to be happy and peaceful, to get in touch with her physical, emotional, and mental health. At HerBeatySuite, we empower women to be their best and most confident selves through our quality beauty and self-care products. 


We believe in the power of beauty and self-care by providing skin and self-care products that rejuvenate, lavish, and empower women to build their self-confidence, unleash emotions, flourish, and live a more fulfilled life. We hope women will become better versions of themselves, feel complete and experience love and purpose. 

Our goal is to help you find a reliable beauty and self-care routine that enhances your natural beauty, boosts your confidence, and promotes your overall well-being.


To be a haven that promotes self-love, intentionality, and wellness in women, powering their minds and habits with the intention of lighting up their hearts with love, peace, and happiness. 


About Us- 
 We are advocates for self-love. We believe that ALL women deserve to feel beautiful, because they are! 👑   We are a Female Owned and operated Business, Located in NYC!
About the Owner:
Hello, My name is Tylea. I created this brand with hopes to impact the confidence and self esteem of the everyday woman. Each product in this shop has a specific purpose-to ensure that YOU the customer feels beautiful both inside and out. As a mom, I understand first hand why women should ALWAYS feel beautiful. Ive experienced depression, and at one point let myself completely go. The one thing I realized is, how you look can impact how you feel. When-you feel good, you look good. And it is simply impossible to pour from an empty cup.
  I have over 10 years experience within the Beauty & Cosmetics industry. I've worked for some top the most prestigious Luxury Beauty Companies. Beauty has been a passion of mine; but most importantly helping women feel beautiful, is what means the most to me. 
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What is Self-Care, and why is it important?
Self-Care is what YOU say it is. It can consist of focusing on areas of your life 
physically, psychologically, emotionally, socially, professionally, spiritually, etc. By taking some time out to engage in self-care, you can help to relieve the stressors of everyday life. 
 A few benefits of self-care are:
1.Self-care improves your ability to love and appreciate YOURSELF
2.You'll find out who you really are
3. You will have more to give others
Self-Care is for Everyone and benefits both your life -and the people you love the most.  
Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Me & Her Beauty Suite 💕 We look forward to building relationships, while prioritizing you, the customer. Stay tuned- we have sooo much more in store...
Never forget-
Happy Shopping!